Get everything you ever wanted.

Our Story

In a world where everything you could ever want is at the tip of your fingertips, it still seems so hard to find just the right person who checks off every box. mithi, meaning "ideal" or "earnest wish" in Tagalog, is a networking service that collects the perfect matches for your every need to fulfill your greatest desires.

Founded by Alexa Reyes, mithi is a product of the exploration of the greatest desires from Asian women:

"Growing up as a Filipino-American woman, I found myself being blessed with the highest of expectations, because everyone around me knew of my true capability. My parents sacrificed so much and worked so hard to provide an incredibly privileged life, so the very least I could do was be the perfect daughter — the Facebook status brag of their dreams."

Things don't always go as planned though. "Growing up with the expectations to be beautiful, and smart, and happy, and sexy felt so unattainable when my peers around me were doing it all so effortlessly." That's why mithi is here to take away the uneasiness of that chance away from anyone else who is still yearning for that perfect person. "I knew I wasn't able to be their perfect match, so I decided to create a service that could find theirs."

Here at mithi, it's never enough to settle for less or just be grateful.
You deserve the ideal.

How it Works

When you sign up for mithi, we ask you a series of questions to generate the criteria of your perfect match.

Inspired by the mail-order service, you will have the opportunity to easily browse a selection of your best matches and the option to propose courtship offers for a small fee per match. Once your match accepts, you will be able to communicate through our messaging system and allow your fantasies come to life.

We understand that this is a large commitment, so we offer several options throughout the match generating process to guide you and present special deals with our alternative options that may suit you best.